Juliette Mancini

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Introduction to Design Workshops

During a year, I taught Introduction to design to children from 7 to 11, in an elementary school in Paris. 2014.
¶ Through different themes and using a variety of tools, students worked on a few design projects, working organically through experiments and group discussions. They used a research-based process: first observing, analyzing, then experimenting and publishing. They learned how to present and critically discuss a project, give shape to their ideas and build their own tools. Among other things, we thought about and illustrated what an ideal school could be like, built stamps to lay out text, built fun chain reaction games out of salvaged material, designed matrix alphabets and invented a photographic device to document our research.

Juliette Mancini



¶ Graphic designer and illustrator for Centre Pompidou, l’Obs, the Grand Palais, the Museum of Decorative Arts and Design of Bordeaux…
¶ Introduction to Design workshop instructor ¶ MFA from EnsAD (Paris) and BFA from ESAA Duperré

Prizes and exhibitions
¶ 2nd Prize for Young Talent, Angoulême International Comics Festival 2014
¶ Exhibition at the Young Talents pavilion, Angoulême International Comics Festival 2014
¶ Humour Award, Angoulême International Comics Festival 2007