Juliette Mancini

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Chantiers Politiques #14

Book design for the Chantiers Politiques magazine 14th issue, published by ENS, in collaboration with Pauline Gourlet & Nicolas Turki-Duchesnay. 2014
¶ This issue focuses on violences : in the movies, in art, in the law, in philosophy.

Juliette Mancini



¶ Graphic designer and illustrator for Centre Pompidou, l’Obs, the Grand Palais, the Museum of Decorative Arts and Design of Bordeaux…
¶ Introduction to Design workshop instructor ¶ MFA from EnsAD (Paris) and BFA from ESAA Duperré

Prizes and exhibitions
¶ 2nd Prize for Young Talent, Angoulême International Comics Festival 2014
¶ Exhibition at the Young Talents pavilion, Angoulême International Comics Festival 2014
¶ Humour Award, Angoulême International Comics Festival 2007