Juliette Mancini

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The Artist’s Guide

Intended for young artists, this book by Frédéric Brière provides an extensive list of art centers, galleries, open calls, art residencies, fellowships, grants and art schools in France. 424 pages, Archibooks/Arteum. 2011

Juliette Mancini



¶ Graphic designer and illustrator for Centre Pompidou, l’Obs, the Grand Palais, the Museum of Decorative Arts and Design of Bordeaux…
¶ Introduction to Design workshop instructor ¶ MFA from EnsAD (Paris) and BFA from ESAA Duperré

Prizes and exhibitions
¶ 2nd Prize for Young Talent, Angoulême International Comics Festival 2014
¶ Exhibition at the Young Talents pavilion, Angoulême International Comics Festival 2014
¶ Humour Award, Angoulême International Comics Festival 2007